Online course on Food Safety Management System - ISO 22000: 2018 Level 1 Certification

Kerala State Productivity Council have been helping organizations make distinctive and lasting improvement in performance for the last six decades by imparting training on world class systems and techniques.

Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000:2018) is one such training programme of ours which is now made available in an online platform so that you can build competencies at your own leisure and get certified.

ISO 22000 : 2018 Level 1 Certification has been developed for the certification of food safety systems of organizations in the food chain that process or manufacture animal products, perishable vegetal products, products with a long shelf life, (other) food ingredients like additives, vitamins, bio-cultures and food packaging material manufacturing.

This is significant to all type of organizations within the food chain (Farm to fork) such as; • Feed producers • Primary producers • Food manufacturers • Transport and Storage operators • Subcontractors • Retail and food service outlets (Hotels and Caterers) • Manufacturers of Equipment, packing material, cleaning agents & additives, ingredients

Program Overview

Learning Outcomes

• Clear idea about terms and definitions of FSMS
• Clarity about Prerequisite Program (PRPs) and Operational Prerequisite Programs (OPRPs)
• Idea of how to use the standard to ensure food safety and avoid food poisoning
• idea of how to effectively integrate business and FSMS
• Pass a stepping stone to become FST member and internal auditor
• Clarity about the changes in the 2018 version standard in comparison to the 2005 version
• Ability to provide Guidance for implementing FSMS in your organization

Course Contents

• ISO 22000:2018 Introduction   

• Terms and Definition                 

• Awareness on FSMS   

• Applicability of FSMS  

• ISO 22000: 2018 Changes from My Perspective from 2005 Version  

• ISO 22000: 2018 Documentation Requirements              

• ISO 22000: 2018 Frequently Asked Questions FSMS               

• ISO 22000: 2018 The High-Level Structure and all the standard stipulations in a nutshell

• Online Test& Certification

Duration : 12 hours

Participants can complete this 12 hours training course within a period of one month at their convenience

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