Workshop on Design Thinking (Creative problem solving system for Managerial effectiveness)

Date : 15/09/2022 - Time & Duration : 10.30 am to 12.30 pm


Design Thinking (DT) is not a fixed system of steps that need to be complied with to achieve success. It is a system of creative problem solving, a conscious practice of habits and most importantly a deep conviction in the principle of user-centricity.

Design Thinking is powerful

Design thinking is also very personal.

Through this workshop on ‘Design Thinking’, we are now embarking on a systematic approach to creatively address a problem.

New business models are cropping up every day, fueled by the progress in technology and change in customer needs, and every business is today facing the need to respond with new ideas and innovative business models to stay relevant to people. With start-up companies disrupting larger, well established ones, both organizations and their employees need to change their mindsets to handle the new reality.

Change of mindset is not easy, since letting go of years of habit can be pretty painful. However, one delightful way of bringing about this change is through the adoption of Design Thinking.


Ø  Introduction to design thinking

Ø  What – why – how it is done

Ø  Inspiring stories of application of DT 


Programme will be delivered through Interactive sessions, Story Telling and exercises.             


Mr. Sreenath P. A Certified design thinking influencer. A seasoned HR professional with 10+ years of experience in driving strategic HR initiatives and interventions. Design thinking enthusiast and influencer who is helping to embed design thinking as a culture in organizations. Facilitated 30+ workshops for more than 1000+ participants in various schools, colleges and for professionals in numerous organizations.


Ø  Do you want to disrupt the status quo?

Ø  Do you always take end-to-end ownership for any work that has been assigned?

Ø  Do you enjoy learning new skills and gathering knowledge?

Ø  Are you interested in people as individuals and their well-being?

Ø  Would you describe yourself as someone with good observation skills and an eye for details?

If you have said yes to all the above, you definitely have the right orientation to attend this programme.

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