Programme Code: E - Productivity through improving Food Safety standards for safe and hygiene food handling

Date : 21/02/2023 (ONE-day Program) Time : 09.30 am to 04.30 pm

Venue : Productivity House, Kalamassery


Kerala State Productivity Council (KSPC) is proud to have associated with FSSAI, an empanelled Training Partner to ensure food safety and hygiene in all food businesses by providing various training programs that has been made Mandatory for all Food Businesses.


Section 16 (3) (h) of the FSS Act mandates that the Food Authority shall ensure the training of the Food Business Operator. In this line, FSSAI has developed a training ecosystem that will create trained food handlers who will be called a Food Safety Supervisor.


Important Benefits of Food Safety training


·         Minimize Health Risks: One of the biggest concerns for food organization is people getting sick due to negligence in the handling of food. Proper training for food handlers can ensure that the food is prepared safety.

·         Mindful Behaviour: It is vital to handle food carefully. This will ensure that food handlers get into the habit of being mindful of the risks associated with improper food handling. Training helps food handlers to learn all the appropriate techniques for handling food hygienically.

·         Good Reputation: Reputation is what gives the establishment its credibility. It makes you a trusted food establishment when your food handlers implement the appropriate training techniques while handling food.

·         Adhering to Laws: Food establishment have to maintain acceptable hygiene standards. Hygiene training for food handlers helps to ensure the establishment does not incur penalties or is shut down due to food safety negligence.

·         Happy Customer Base: Keeping clients happy is one of the key elements of any business. If hygiene standards are met by those who handle food, it ensures that consumers are happy at all times.


Sri. Binu K. N., Food Hygiene & Safety Trainer & Consultant. An Empanelled FoSTaC (FSSAI) Trainer & Assessor. 


Well prepared course material, folder, stationery etc. will be supplied to the participants.

Lunch and refreshments will be served


19th  February  2023 before 4 pm

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