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Economic growth and productivity development are intricately linked. They are two sides of the same coin: one cannot have a faster rate of economic growth without productivity improvement. Just as economic growth needs to be sustained if a real impact is to be made, it is important to ensure sustainable development with higher productivity in all sectors of economy.

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Ease of Doing Business for higher productivity and sustainable growth.

India has emerged as one of the key players in the global arena with a huge potential to rise to higher echelons of growth and development. It is among the fastest growing economies today coupled with attributes such as a large and growing middle class having a high disposable income, a rich reservoir of skill and talent and a large resource and cost advantage, among others.

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Asian Productivity Organization (APO) - E-Book

Read articles and reports on productivity in various subjects ranging from Agriculture, Industries and Services, Green Productivity. Read report containing details of all Asian Productivity Organization (APO) projects held in the organized by subject area, information on NPOs, and project summaries.

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